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This Sunday we welcome Wayne O’Leary representing Slavic Gospel Association. He will be sharing updates from their work. Wayne will be preaching from Psalm 139.
Sometimes life gets so difficult we don’t know how to pray, but we just ask God to put His hand on the situation. That is a really good prayer to pray. Psalm 139 shows us how God has His hand on us! Psalm 139 shows us that God lays His hand on us – Tender care v5, He leads us with His hand, v10, He grabs hold of us in dangerous times v10, and wove us together in our mothers womb – a Hand of skill v14. Reminding us that God has always had his hand on us…its always been that way, and always WILL be that way. Like a skilled caring parent, God knows the situation, and how to take us through, personally taking us through, never leaving us alone or behind. That is our God! Think about how you can pray today – using Psalm 139.

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