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My Story

What is it that causes someone to believe in Jesus Christ? Is it all pie in the sky? Read here real life accounts of ordinary people from various backgrounds, in which they tell how they came to believe in Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Life is too short to miss the real point of living, so read on…..



Hans gives his Testimony.

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Christian's Testimony

Christian’s Testimony

Christian gives us his testimony.

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Gille’s Testimony

Gille explains the journey through his rebellious youth brought him to faith.

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Chris’s Testimony

Chris talks of his formative years in Rhodesia (as was) and how he met his wife and how dramatic life events involved with his work brought him to his faith.

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Phil's Testimony

Phil’s Testimony

Phil Sweeting encountered Christians while at university. He tried to dismantle their beliefs thinking there was no basis for their views about sin and Jesus Christ. He did not see…

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Enid's Testimony

Enid’s Testimony

This week Enid shares her testimony with us.

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Steve’s Testimony

This Sunday Steve Crossthwaite, Pastor of Hollywood Christian Fellowship joins us and shares experiences based upon his testimony.

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Brian's Testimony

Brian’s Testimony

By Divine Appointment My parents were nominal Anglicans who sent me to Sunday-school to get me out of the way for an hour on Sunday afternoon. We spasmodically attended the…

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Mike's Testimony

Mike’s Testimony

This Sunday Mike Loveridge, assistant Pastor Manor Park Evangelical Church Worcester, is our guest speaker. Listen to his testimony.  

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