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This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. The message is titled, “OK, God is there, but does He really CARE about us-about me? Problems related to suffering and pain have existed from almost the beginning of man’s existence upon earth, and will be with us until the end. Many ask why? There are difficult life experiences that simply do not make sense, as evil, divisions and wars and their effects spread through every relationship and every strata of society-even noted in our own hearts. Likewise, Christians have had like Job to struggle to find meaning in the midst of all the anxieties and agonies of life, layered in mystery. In this season leading up to Easter it is a reasonable question to nobly enquire with respect to: does God really care for us, does He really care about you and me – and how? Please join us this Sunday as we address this question and offer answers to comfort ourselves with the truth of Jesus Christ, the sin bearer for all mankind and Saviour of the World.

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