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Reflections | Robot Rebellion?


Whilst driving one day I saw a sticker in the rear window of the car in front which read ‘If you can read this notice then I have lost my caravan’. Amusing? Or simply ridiculous! Surely no one would fail to notice if the caravan they were towing became unhitched? My wife and I chuckled at the thought. It is far too obvious not to notice. One glance in the rear view mirror and you would know.

The consequences of ‘losing’ your caravan could be very serious indeed. However there is something we can lose, with terrible consequences, and yet fail to acknowledge the real possibility, even probability of the loss. Jesus put it like this – he spoke of losing our soul. Many drive on through life in careless disregard in the matter of eternity – what happens when we die.

Many travel along life’s road in danger of losing their soul. Do we take no notice? Do we not consider? Many drive on through life in careless disregard to what happens we die – after death what then….? Many dismiss the issue of eternity and facing death when well off. We may be comfortable financially but when death comes we will leave all behind. Jesus said ‘What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul….? The expected reply is ‘ We have gained nothing, in fact we have lost everything.’ Our values were wrong, twisted, and distorted. Material gain had been our goal. We scored many times perhaps but lost in the ‘game’ of life.

Others, facing struggles and difficulties in life, such as poverty or illness, do not consider their soul. It is as if their troubles blur their vision. Jesus said ‘What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?’ The expected reply is ‘Nothing….absolutely nothing should deter me from facing this matter.’ It is a matter of life and death. Jesus is full of compassion and is willing to come alongside us in our circumstance but we should not shelve the issue of death and eternity.

There is too much to lose if we now turn away the offer of forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ. To lose the prospect of unending joy of being in heaven is to lose all. Forgiveness for our sins is our greatest need and eternal life is the greatest gift we can receive, but only through Jesus. We must turn to him. Otherwise, judgement and separation from God forever will be the consequence of losing your soul. How is it with your soul?

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