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Reflections | Robot Rebellion?


As I sat in someone’s garden one summer’s day, I could hear a soft pleasant whirring sound. There it was – a robot mower! Its sensors detecting the borders, its programme ensuring that somehow all the vast area of lawn was covered and kept immaculately trimmed. Effortless. All by itself. There is also available a robotic vacuum cleaner that dodges the furniture as it sucks up the dust. There are already robots that walk as they carry out specific tasks even if they look odd. As I write, the race is on to design a fully fledged learning adapting robot that can ‘think’ and reprogram itself. Such a robot may be able to improve itself, even clone itself. Imagine a world full of such robots. Imagine that they became so advanced that they rebelled against us humans. Imagine that with amazing stealth, ingenuity, and robot weaponry that we were subjugated to serve them! Such a robot rebellion is probably science fiction. Nonetheless, robot and designer coexist now. There is no rebellion of Robot versus designer yet!

What of it? Consider this, that the functions, complexity and intricacy of the human body evidence design. They point to a designer. The Bible tells us the designer is God Himself. The God who is The Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit. Our reaction to that statement demonstrates the reality of a human rebellion – mankind against the Creator, The Life Giver. We
are not robots. We have a conscience. We have a will. We are accountable to The Lord who gives us life. Yet we think or say we do not need a Lord, or we do not desire such an one or simply that He does not even exist. Modern thought rejects Bible based faith and teaching as out dated, redundant. Life just happened- didn’t it, seems to be the prevailing attitude.

The rebellion of men and women, young and old, of which I now write is not fiction of any kind. It is real and popular but has no chance of final victory. God exists. Human life is not chance but design. The Bible declares that ‘The Lord He is God’. Moreover there is no compromise with Him. He who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Although we have rejected the demands and claims of The Lord land rebelled against The Lord, there is forgiveness through Jesus Christ. That forgiveness is not mine by right, nor mine without the asking or without true sorrow for my own waywardness. What will you do about it?

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