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This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. The message is titled: “Building Back Better-the Bible Way”. The BBB slogan originated around the time of the Asian Tsunami in relation to disaster recovery programmes. It expressed the principle of aiming to build increased resilience and recovery into the environment impacting humans. It was quickly adopted in this light by the UN, and then morphed for more generic uses, especially as a political slogan that we often hear now. Unsurprisingly the principle of BBB is Biblical as God created the Universe, the Earth and the human race to have the resilience and recoverability it would need to bounce back from sin induced post-Fall disasters until Christ’s Second Coming [which will be VERY SOON]. Please join us as we unwrap this vital topic in the context of our seeking intentionally to be building back better successfully our own lives in and increasingly unstable and fractious world-in harmony with God’s word, the Bible

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