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Sunday Service

Sunday Service – 31st January 10.30am

This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. The message is entitled, “God’s Way v any other way…”. People chose to follow a way in life. Their way either leads them to God by faith or away from Him. In the end their choice will be honoured by God and lead via the narrow way or the broad way, to a binary option in and for eternity – HEAVEN or hell. People in this world increasingly label believers in Jesus, “Way out”, but God sees them as the ones who have chosen the Way into his presence and family! Unbelievers are going astray in their way(s) and will pay the price for this when they die and face God’s judgement. Which way are you choosing now, and do you need to change your way(s) to respond to God’s grace and mercy in the Lord Jesus Christ?

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