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Sunday Service – 23rd June 10.30am

Sunday Service – 23rd June 10.30am

This Sunday we welcome Duncan Cobbett, a pastor at Woodgreen evangelical church Worcester, as our guest preacher.
His title is “Ryanair Religion”. Is the Christian life like flying with Ryanair? It seems like a great deal at first, but then you discover hidden add-ons and “not-so optional” extras.​ Is it the case that if we want to live the Christian life in all its fullness we have to not only trust Jesus, but perform all these “not-so-optional” extras? Come along this Sunday and find out if being a Christian is like flying with Ryanair.

R​efreshments will be served after the meeting so we hope you are able to stay a while.
We look forward to meeting you.

Listen to the sermon.

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