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Lessons for the Christian from Sports Fans

1 October 2017 This week Bryan is speaking from Hebrews. Chapter 12 begins with a…

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Sermon 24-9-17 The kingdom of heaven is like a king who.....

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a King Who…

24 September 2017 Our Pastor Bill Finnimore is preaching this week. Have you ever wondered…

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Sermon - 17-9-17 Can anyone speak with indisputable authority?

Can Anyone Speak with Indisputable Authority?

17 September 2017 This week our Pastor Bill Finnimore will be preaching. We will be…

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Sermon - 10-9-17 Dealing with death

Dealing with Death

10 September 2017 This week Pastor Bill Finnimore will be speaking on the theme “Dealing…

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Sermon 3-9-17 A faith that holds up

A Faith That Holds Up

3 September 2017 This Sunday Bryan Conway will be preaching. Bryan elaborates upon the passage…

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Sermon 28-8-17 What it means to love God

What It Means to Love God

27 August 2017 We were delighted to welcome Bill Saunders again this Sunday who speaks…

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Sermon 20-8-17 Can we really be forgiven?

Can We Really Be Forgiven?

20 August 2017 This week Pastor Bill Finnimore will preaching on the theme of "Can…

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When God Speaks What Does He Say?

When God Speaks, What Does He Say?

13 August 2017 Pastor Bill Finnimore speaks this Sunday on “When God speaks, what does…

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Sermon 6-8-17 God's Assurances in an Unsure World - Bryan Conway

God’s Assurances in an Unsure World

6 August 2017 Bryan Conway delivers the message on the theme of God's assurances in…

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