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Archived sermons and online services can be heard again directly from this page.


Sermon 11-2-18 - Jonah on the run

Jonah on the Run

11 February 2018 This week our Pastor will be preaching. He will be taking a…

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Sermon 4-2-18 - The best is yet to come

The Best Is yet to Come

4 February 2018 This Sunday Bryan Conway will be preaching on the theme of “The…

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Sermon 28-1-18 - Living in the shadows, loving in the light

Living in the Shadows, Loving in the Light

28 January 2018 This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. "Living in the shadows, loving…

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Sermon 21-1-18 - When Small is Big

When Small Is Big

21 January 2018 This week our Pastor will be preaching. Jesus said the kingdom of…

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Sermon - 14-1-18 - What does the Bible mean when it describes the church as the bride of Christ?

What Does the Bible Mean When It Describes the Church as the Bride of Christ?

14 January 2018 What do you think of when you hear the word "church? The…

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Sermon 7-1-18 - Star of Wonder

Star of Wonder

7 January 2018 Bryan Conway will be preaching today. We would love to see you.…

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Sermon 31-12-17 - Making resolutions that last

Making Resolutions That Last

31 December 2017 This Sunday Bryan Conway will be preaching. The end of the year…

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Sermon 24-12-17 - The true identity of the baby in the manger

The True Identity of the Baby in the Manger

24 December 2017 Our Pastor will speak for approximately 15 minutes about the true identity…

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Sermon 17-12-17 - First Christmas

First Christmas

17 December 2017 Christmas is approaching fast! For some the opportunity to be with family…

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