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Sermon 31-12-17 - Making resolutions that last

Making Resolutions That Last

31 December 2017 This Sunday Bryan Conway will be preaching. The end of the year…

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Sermon 24-12-17 - The true identity of the baby in the manger

The True Identity of the Baby in the Manger

24 December 2017 Our Pastor will speak for approximately 15 minutes about the true identity…

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Sermon 17-12-17 - First Christmas

First Christmas

17 December 2017 Christmas is approaching fast! For some the opportunity to be with family…

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Sermon 3-12-17 - What do you do when you have a bad day?

What Do You Do When You Have a Bad Day?

3 December 2017 What do you do when you have a bad day? It is…

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Sermon 26-11-17 - When we think about Jesus, how do we see Him?

When We Think about Jesus, How Do We See Him?

26 November 2017 This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. When we think about Jesus,…

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The Word of the Kingdom

19 November 2017 Jesus spoke about the kingdom of heaven. What is that kingdom all…

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How Can a Believer Be Sure Salvation Is Certain?

12 November 2017 This Sunday Bryan Conway is preaching on the question "How can a…

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Sermon 5-11-17 - What is a Christian?

What is a Christian?

5 November 2017 This week our Pastor will be preaching. What is a Christian? Come…

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Sermon-29-10-17-Thanking The Lord? - Whatever for?

Thanking the Lord? – Whatever For?

29 October 2017 This week, our Pastor will be preaching from the Old Testament book…

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