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Sunday Service

Sunday Service – 6th June 10.30am

This Sunday Bill Saunders, from Community Church Warndon, will be preaching. The message is titled: THE INVITATION. Our lives are filled with invitations of many sorts, most are minor, like come and have a coffee and a chat with me. Others are important such as a proposal to be married or a career job offer opening up to us. Only one invitation is vital to us all though for time and eternity, that of coming through the Lord Jesus Christ to know God as one’s own Father. For God desires that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth – 1 Timothy 2:4. Come and hear God’s invitation to you personally, as a believer to grow and respond to the increasing knowledge of God being worked out in your life. And as one who is not a believer yet, come and hear and respond to the most vital invitation you will ever receive.

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