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Ridgeway Community Church | Redditch - Sunday Service

Sunday Service – 2nd May 10.30am

This Sunday Bill Saunders will be preaching. The message is titled, “To Know God’s Everlasting MERCY. Recently Bill preached seeking to demonstrate that God CARES for all of His Creation, and for all souls. Flowing out of this he wants us to consider MERCY as an essential part of God’s character and conduct – do we REALLY know this? What is mercy and have we received God’s mercy for ourselves? And if we have, are we merciful as He calls and enables us to be? Please join us this Sunday as we address these questions and offer answers to comfort ourselves with the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful sin bearer for all mankind and Saviour and Lord of the whole World and Cosmos, the God who is RICH in MERCY.

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