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Sunday Service

Sunday Service – 16th June 10.30am

This Sunday Josh Richardson from Holbrooks Evangelical Church Coventry will be preaching. “Living With Weakness” is the title of Josh’s message based on Psalm 119 verses 25-32.

Christianity is unique in that we are called to be weak. It is when we are weak and trusting in the Lord that then we are strong. Psalm 119 verses 25-32 give us a clear picture of how we as Christians should deal with both physical and mental weakness. It demonstrates the value of the Bible in our weakest moments. God’s Word is the answer to all our problems whether they be physical or mental, because the Lord will enlarge our hearts to meet those trials head on and overcome by the power of His Word

Refreshments will be served after the meeting so we hope you will be able to stay a while to chat with us.

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Bill Finnimore

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